i am jacob remin

my practice is a critical and poetic meditation over technology as material, often manifested as physical works in the meeting between light, space, composition and interaction.

i live and work in copenhagen, denmark. i hold a BA from DTU and an MA from CIID.

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"aggregating together all the chthonic material energies from the deep earth, excavating them through lines of thought and lifting them up over the world as if to let them look back down at the scene below.

we are surrounded by delineations. lines draw out the world around us, they prescribe constraints and pathways, borders, intersections and crossing points. most every human-built thing around us was a line in a mind before coming into the world. lines in collective discussion and planning, inscribed on paper and as mapped out vectors on screens. these line-dreams become buildings, kitchens, cars, shoes, laptops, national borders and so on. as sight was once understood as inner light shining out into the world, thought-lines also emanate outwards: the structure of a tree from root to leaf is mind-warped into a demonstration of natural, linear hierarchies in the world, someone’s life is on a path, a linear journey, as imagined or rendered into slick screen saver or broken LCD screen noise."

excerpt from the text on my work lines in the ground by nathaniel budzinski, written for the exhibition harvesting the rare earth

process picture, stone on tablet in earth

this website has been made with great help from studio dont and lasse korsgaard and kind support from the danish arts counsil